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A little bit of history—
From Shakespeare to Donuts to PowerPoint
I learned to appreciate and respect language as a college professor, and I’ve never lost my commitment to the language--or forgotten that the right words, directed at the right audience, deliver powerful results. That love of language inspires every project I produce or direct, from the news release with the key detail directed to the right market, to the industry article unveiling a new concept. I travelled from the university to Dunkin’ Donuts, where I managed advertising and graphics services and developed and wrote training manuals. From there I’ve worked on many types of projects for my clients, among them creating graphics and standards manuals, producing magazines, writing industry articles and delivering conference presentations.
It’s been a few years since I left teaching, but I‘ve never forgotten what I learned:
Find your audience,
direct your language,
and your message will cut through the static.

That’s why I start every project by learning about my clients, clients like security lock company Lock America, restaurant software developer MIRUS or various communication service providers. I conceive every project as a collaboration—an interaction between the client’s knowledge and my presentation.

Frank Minnella, CEO, Lock America, Inc. 

Take a look at my portfolio, and you’ll see the variety of marketing communications I have created and produced. With over thirty years I've helped my clients, from large corporations or small startups, make an impact on their markets. 

Dave Bennett, CEO, Mirus Restaurant Solutions.

Rich Morahan, Owner 

To deliver results to its clients, RM Associates can draw on a varied roster of creative writers, designers and production artists.

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