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Security News: More Articles and Presentations by Rich Morahan

"Protect Your Investment: Lock Your Propane Tanks," Presentation to The AEGPL  Conference, Genoa, Italy,May, 2014. Discusses the need to secure commercial and industrial propane tanks, and the ways security locks can ensure revenue streams and protect against liability judgments.

“Protecting your Gas Dispensers From Skimmers,”
Convenience Store News, June, 2013.

Examines security solutions that protect gas station operators from thieves who steal credit card data by inserting skimming devices into gas pumps. Click here to learn more.

"Strengthening the Weakest Link in Your Security Chain,", July, 2011.
Questions the reliance on passive security such as surveillance cameras and promotes the cost-effectiveness of high security locks. Click here to learn more.

"Key Control and Data Security: Protecting Your Customers' Data Files,"NAID [National Association for Information Destruction] Conference, Orlando, FL, March, 2011.
A presentation on the the importance of security locks in protecting documents scheduled for destruction. Click here to go to the client’s website to view the slide show.
"The Danger of Unsecured Propane Tanks,” C-Store Insider, October 5-8, 2010.
There is an epidemic of thefts of retail propane tanks from storage cages. This article examines the growing problem and promotes my client's solutions. Click here to learn more.

“Who is Stealing Propane Cylinders?” LPGas Magazine, July, 2010.
 A similar article directed at propane marketers. Click here to learn more.

“Overcoming The Threat of the Bump Key” Inside Self-Storage, May 2010.
A brief description of a dangerous hidden threat to self-storage security that highlights my client's solutions to the problem. Click here to learn more.

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